• Product Highlights
    • Resin modified glass ionomer cement
    • Effortless luting
    • Highly translucent
    • Low film thickness
  • Brand: Shofu
  • Package Details
    • Powder 15gm
    • Liquid 8.6ml & Mixing Pad
  • Expiry Date
    • 09-12-2017
Rs.2,771 Rs.3,800

Multipurpose, one step, self cure Resin Modified Glass Ionomer (RMGI) cement for fast and easy luting


For permanent All-Zirconia/All-Alumina crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, PFM's/ full metal restorations, pediatric crowns as well as orthodontic brackets.

Product features & benefits
  • Combines mechanical properties of resin with protective benefits of glass ionomer
  • Has low film thickness
  • Effortless manipulation and easy excess removal
  • Easy to apply and identify as it changes color from light pink to colorless upon setting.
  • Minimum odor and least post-operative sensitivity warrants patient comfort
  • Exhibits high translucency
  • Fluoride Release & Biocompatible


HY-BOND RESIGLASS Complete Set [PN 1103]
Powder 15gm, Liquid 8.6ml & Mixing Pad

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Product Highlights
1.Resin modified glass ionomer cement
2.Effortless luting
3.Highly translucent
4.Low film thickness
Package Details
Package DetailsPowder 15gm
Liquid 8.6ml & Mixing Pad
Expiry Date
Expiry Date09-12-2017

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