Beautifil Injectable

  • Product Highlights
    • Patented GIOMER technology
    • Fluoride release and recharge
    • Exceptional vita shade match and polishability
    • Anterior- posterior nanohybrid composite
    • Excellent slumping resistance
    • Convenient direct delivery without instrument
    • High wear resistance and strength
  • Brand: Shofu
  • Package Details
    • 2.5 G syringe 2.2 gm syringe
  • Expiry Date
    • Oct 2018 or more
Rs.1,682 Rs.2,200

An injectable nano-hybrid with giomer benefits and offers life-like aesthetics.

  • Class I through Class V restorations
  • Direct Veneers
  • Core Build-up
  • Shade / Shape Modification
  • Restoration of occlusal surface
  • Minimally invasive anterior and posterior restorations
  • Geriatric and Pediatric Restoration
  • Repair of Composite and Ceramic restorations
  • Splinting of Mobile teeth

Product features & benefits
  • Unique anti-plaque effect
  • Fluoride release and recharge
  • Possess ideal viscosity to easily shape restorations.
  • Minimal instrumentation
  • It is non-tacky, non-droopy and has high compressive strength
  • Unique filler-resin structure controls light diffusion to mimic the optical characteristics of natural teeth


2.2 gm syringe with disposable needle tips
Shades: A0.5, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, A0.5O (Opacious Dentin A0.5), A1O (Opacious Dentin A1), A2O (Opacious Dentin A2), INC (Enamel), BW (Bleach White)

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Product Highlights
1.Patented GIOMER technology
2.Fluoride release and recharge
3.Exceptional vita shade match and polishability
4.Anterior- posterior nanohybrid composite
5.Excellent slumping resistance
6.Convenient direct delivery without instrument
7.High wear resistance and strength
Package Details
Package Details2.5 G syringe 2.2 gm syringe
Expiry Date
Expiry DateOct 2018 or more

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