Fuji VII Pink

  • Product Highlights
    • Seals and protects tooth enamel
    • Six times more fluoride than any other sealant
    • Strong, lasting bond to tooth structure
    • Up to 24 months of fluoride protection every application
  • Brand: GC
  • Package Details
    • 15g-Powder, 10g-Liquid,
    • 6g Dentin Conditioner
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Clinical Applications:

1. Surface protection and fissure protection of erupting molars
2. Protection of exposed root surfaces
3. Caries stabilization and indirect pulp capping of active lesions
4. Intermediate restoration and intermediate endodontic sealing
5. Restoration of micro-cavities
6. Hypersensitivity prevention and control
7. Lining under composite or amalgam

Fuji 7 PINK -

For many different applications where clinicians have sought a contrasting shade for clear identification of margins, for communication of clinical status or as a visual reminder of its temporary nature. Fuji 7 PINK has a pink chroma for easy identification for both clinician and patient while keeping the shade low in value helping it blend into the oral environment.

Command Set

Due to its pink shade Fuji VII will easily absorb light energy.  So if a faster set is desired a 20-40 second application of light from either a Halogen or Plasma Arc light source will accelerate the glass ionomer setting reaction.

High Level Fluoride Release

The level of fluoride release from Fuji 7 is much higher than any other glass ionomer.  Fuji 7 releases approximately 3 times more fluoride than Fuji I and 6 times more than Fuji IX GP.


Fuji 7 is designed with a flowable consistency for improved application to narrow regions like pits and fissures, or exposed roots on interproximal surfaces. The long curved nozzle of the Fuji Capsule helps access these difficult to reach areas.


Fuji 7 has sufficient mechanical strength for the recommended clinical indications while maintaining a lower powder:liquid ratio to achieve the desired flowable consistency.


A strong and more acid resistant ion exchange layer is created when Fuji VII is applied to tooth surfaces.  This ‘fused’ zone is a combination of glass ionomer and tooth structure and provides an effective seal and excellent protection for tooth surfaces at risk of demineralisation

Product Highlights
1.Seals and protects tooth enamel
2.Six times more fluoride than any other sealant
3.Strong, lasting bond to tooth structure
4.Up to 24 months of fluoride protection every application
Package Details
Package Details15g-Powder, 10g-Liquid,
6g Dentin Conditioner

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