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If you're serious about keeping your young patients' teeth cavity-free, you should start them off right with GC Fuji TRIAGE, the revolutionary Glass Ionomer Sealant and Surface Protectant. No isolation required. No bonding agent required. Works in a moist field. And you don't have to worry about sealing over immature enamel or non-cavitated lesions. Self-bonding GC Fuji TRIAGE with its high fluoride release, creates a strong, acid-resistant fused layer.

  • Seals and Protects Tooth Enamel
  • Six Times More Fluoride Than Any Other Sealant
  • Releases Fluoride for up to 24 Months to Help Prevent Decay from Acid and Bacteria
  • TRIAGE WHITE is for fully erupted teeth; TRIAGE PINK offers a visual indicator that is ideal for newly erupted molars
Availability Currently Not Available for Sale

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