• Product Highlights
    • Aesthetic resin cement
    • Duel cure or self cure
    • Compatible with dentin/enamel adhesive systems
  • Brand: Dentsply
  • Expiry Date
    • Oct 2018 or more
Rs.2,700 Rs.2,997

Calibra esthetic resin cement system has been described as the "Easier to Use Cement for all your cosmetic indirect restoration needs." These include inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges. Prime & Bond® NT™ Dual Cure is the bonding agent component of the system. It provides answers to both the needs for simplicity and clinically proven effectiveness. The two-bottle simplicity and one coat one cure technique of the Prime & Bond NT Dual Cure system reduces procedure time. The nanofillers contained in Prime & Bond NT adhesive reinforce the hybrid zone providing high bond strength to both dentin and enamel, and clinical results indicate virtually no patient sensitivity.

Calibra has a shade stable chemistry so that the shade chosen will notdual cure shift over time negatively effecting the results. Calibra is both light cure and dual cure. It offers superior handling, because the doctor has a choice of two catalyst paste viscosities: a high viscosity paste that is never too fluid, so it won't run off of the restoration during placement, and a regular viscosity paste which is the perfect consistency to flow underneath a crown or bridge for a perfect seat.

Calibra has an ultra low film thickness between 12 and 18 microns in both the high and low viscosities. This is far below the ADA maximum deemed acceptable of 25 microns, therefore dramatically reducing the potential for improper seating.

Product Highlights
1.Aesthetic resin cement
2.Duel cure or self cure
3.Compatible with dentin/enamel adhesive systems
Expiry Date
Expiry DateOct 2018 or more

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