Ketac Molar Glass Ionomer Restorative Material

  • Product Highlights
    • High flexural strength
    • Bulk-fill convenience
    • Long-term fluoride release
    • Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART)
    • Restorations of primary teeth
  • Brand: 3M ESPE
  • Package Details
    • Powder 12.5 g, 1 Liquid 10 g, 1 Mixing Pad
  • Expiry Date
    • Oct 2018 or more
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  • Overview
    • For decades, 3M ESPE has been the trailblazer in the glass ionomer success story. Just like you as a dentist, we see a real need for differentiated therapy. Thus, glass ionomers are only part of our comprehensive product offering.
      It's true that they don’t represent a universally applicable restoration material, but they provide excellent results with little effort for many indications. 3M™ ESPE™ Ketac™ Molar and Ketac™ Molar Quick Glass Ionomer Restorative Materials deliver:
      Excellent mechanical properties for posterior teeth
      Bulk-fill convenience
      Ketac Molar Quick - for fast setting posterior restoration
      Proven and Reliable Performance

      Ketac Molar filling material retains all the proven and reliable physical properties of the original Ketac Molar glass ionomer material. It's proven itself in studies to be more reliable, hygienic and easier to mix than competing glass ionomer products.


      Get all of the qualities of a true glass ionomer
      1) High flexural strength – reduces the risk of restoration fracture
      2) Adhesion to enamel and dentin – ideal for Minimal Intervention Dentistry (MID) and Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART)
      3) Long-term fluoride release
      4) Low acid erosion – maintains excellent marginal integrity of restorations
      5) Radiopaque
      6) Cost-effective

      Excellent Wear Resistance

      Ketac Molar  filling material provides excellent wear resistance and flexural strengths, counteracting the stresses and preventing the restoration from fracturing.

    • A new granulated formulation that is faster and easier to measure, mix and use:

      What makes Ketac Molar Easymix filling material different from other standard glass ionomers is its advanced granulated formulation.
      1) More flowable – a pourable powder means more accurate dosing, resulting in more accurate powder/liquid ratio.
      2) More hydrophilic – the liquid component is quickly absorbed with less mess, so mixing is faster and easier.
      3) Easier to handle – less sticky and produces less dust than other competing glass ionomer products.

    • More durable and longer lasting

      Ketac Molar Easymix glass ionomer demonstrated lower acid erosion than competing glass ionomer products.

    • Excellent Wear Resistance

      Ketac Molar Easymix provides the same excellent wear resistance as other glass ionomer products.

    • More hygienic

      According to dentists participating in testing, 86% said Ketac Molar Easymix filling material produces less dust than Fuji IX GP™ Handmix.
      * Based on pre-launch trials.

  • Indications
  •   Great for MID  
  •   Including ARTKetac Molar Easymix is well suited for Minimal Intervention Dentistry (MID) and Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART). Ketac Molar Easymix is self-     adhesive, requiring no secondary adhesive treatment. The adhesion surface may be pretreated to prepare for the restorative (optional). Ketac Molar Easymix adheres to both dentin and enamel, minimizing bacterial microleakage. 
  • Ketac Molar Easymix is suitable for pediatric, adult and geriatric restorations:
    1) Protective lining under composite or amalgam restorations
    2) Restorations of primary teeth
    3) Semi-permanent in single- or multisurface restorations of primary and permanent teeth
    4) Semi-permanent Class III & V restorations of primary and permanent teeth
    5) Cervical fillings without cosmetic priorities
    6) Core build-ups
    7) Fissure sealing
Product Highlights
1.High flexural strength
2.Bulk-fill convenience
3.Long-term fluoride release
4.Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART)
5.Restorations of primary teeth
Package Details
Package DetailsPowder 12.5 g, 1 Liquid 10 g, 1 Mixing Pad
Expiry Date
Expiry DateOct 2018 or more

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