Dpi Luting Cement

  • Product Highlights
    • Low film thickness
    • Good adhesion.
    • Fluoride release.
  • Brand: DPI
  • Package Details
    • Powder- 15g Liquid -10ml
  • Availability
    • Currently Not Available for Sale

DPI Luting Cement is Type I glass ionomer white luting cement.

DPI glass ionomers are remarkably bio compatible and can be safely used in deep cavities provided the pulp is not exposed.

DPI Luting Cement is low film thickness fast setting luting cement.

  • Optimum strength.
  • Low solubility.
  • Good adhesion.
  • Fluoride release.
Indications of Use :
  • Permanent luting cement for crown and bridges.
  • Strong liner.
  • Strong temporary dressing.

DPI Luting Cement is available in powder/liquid form.
Powder- 15g. Liquid -10ml.

Product Highlights
1. Low film thickness
2.Good adhesion.
3.Fluoride release.
Package Details
Package DetailsPowder- 15g Liquid -10ml
AvailabilityCurrently Not Available for Sale

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