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Fuji Bond LC

Fuji Bond LC

  • Product Highlights
    • Paste/Paste formulation
    • Lowest film thickness (3µm)
    • Clinically insoluble when set
  • Brand: GC
  • Package Details
    • Paste Pak Cartridge 13.3 gm / 7.2 ml
Rs.3,705 Rs.3,771

Resin Reinforced glass ionomer luting cement in paste formulation GC FujiCEM is the first resin modified glass ionomer luting cement offered in a paste/paste formulation. Mixing of GC FujiCEM is accomplished in as little as 10 seconds. It is indicated for final cementation of metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, resin crowns, bridges and inlays, as well as ceramic inlays. What’s more, GC FujiCEM possesses higher dentin and enamel bond strengths than any competitive glass ionomer cement (conventional or resin modified).

Features and Benefits

Paste/Paste formulation

  • No time spent measuring or mixing powders or liquids.
  • Mixes to a creamy consistency in only 10 seconds
  • Produces ideal luting consistency every time.
  • Metering slide enables the operator to control the volume of cement dispensed to reduce waste.
  • The new Paste Pak Dispenser saves time and reduces waste. It delivers consistent mixes every time. Additionally, the dispenser can be adjusted to deliver the desired volume of cement.

Lowest film thickness (3µm) of any glass ionomer luting cement (conventional or resin modified)

  • Restorations seat more easily.
  • Reduces chance of high occlusion. Sustained, rechargeable fluoride release
  • Reduces risk of decay at tooth restoration interface.
  • Fluoride release is recharged when the patient uses a fluoridated rinse or dentifrice. All the additional benefits of a true glass ionomer
  • Ionic bonding to tooth structure and metals to optimize marginal seal. Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion to maintain marginal seal.

Clinically insoluble when set

  • Minimizes chance of early washout.
  • Reduces the risk of micro-leakage.
  • Maintains marginal seal. 3′0” working time
  • Ample working for cementing multiple units.
  • Ample time (90 seconds for removing excess) Biocompatible
  • Non-irritating to tooth structure or soft tissues.Radiopaque
  • Facilitates oral diagnosis.
Product Highlights
1. Paste/Paste formulation
2. Lowest film thickness (3µm)
3. Clinically insoluble when set
Package Details
Package Details Paste Pak Cartridge 13.3 gm / 7.2 ml

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