Fluorocore II


FluoroCore 2 is indicated for conservative to aggressive core build-up applications. Fluorocore 2 offers an automix syringe delivery with excellent depth of cure, 3mm in 20 seconds, superior strength and stackable viscosity for ease of placement.


2 Fluoride-Releasing Dual Cure composite core build-up material consists of two-components, base and catalyst, which when mixed form a dual-cured, highly filled, composite resin core build-up material.
FluoroCore2 core build-up material uses a biocompatible urethane resin and is supplied in two shades, blue and tooth colored.
The blue shade permits clear differentiation of the core material from tooth structure.
The tooth colored shade can be used where esthetics and show-through of the core are of primary concern.
FluoroCore2 core build-up material is available in a convenient dual-barreled syringe.
This delivery system simplifies direct, precise intra-oral delivery and minimizes product waste.
The use of a compatible dentin/enamel adhesive prior to the placement of FluoroCore 2 core build-up material is mandatory. FluoroCore 2 core build-up material is compatible with numerous dentin/enamel adhesive systems.


Urethane Dimethacrylate
Di- & Tri-functional Methacrylates
Barium Boron Fluoroaluminosilicate Glass
Camphorquinone (CQ) Photoinitiator
Silicon Dioxide
Benzoyl Peroxide


Vital or non-vital tooth core build-up (replacement of existing restorations and/or lost tooth structure) as a base prior to fabricating an indirect restoration.

Pack Contains

Pack of 4 Syr+3 Bonds

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