ProTaper Universal Rotary Files

  • Product Highlights
    • Colour coded and easy
    • Round ended guiding tip
    • Patented, progressive taper design
  • Brand: Dentsply
  • Package Details
    • Pack of 6 Files
  • Expiry Date
    • 01-01-2018
Rs.2,025 Rs.2,250

With their patented, progressive taper design and system-based efficiency,ProTaper® Universal rotary files are synonymous with exceptional performance. Expanded and enhanced, the files now offer more of the efficiency, flexibility and precision you want for successful procedures.

In general, as few as three ProTaper Universal files are needed to achieve a fully tapered canal exhibiting a uniform shape. And now, you can achieve these shapes with more precision and safety. The difference is a more rounded tip on all ProTaper Universal finishing files and improved flexibility on the larger finishing files that enable them to precisely follow the canal anatomy.


* Shaping files up to size ISO 050 (also available as manual files)
* Files specially designed for retreatment procedures
* Solutions dedicated to obturation and perfectly matched to tapers of ProTaper finishing files: paper and gutta-percha points for ProTaper and ProTaper obturators
* Based upon their exclusive multiple taper design, ProTaper files makes canal shaping easier, safer, faster and more efficient
* The cutting features and the small number of instruments required make ProTaper an ideal choice for daily practice

Product Highlights
1.Colour coded and easy
2.Round ended guiding tip
3.Patented, progressive taper design
Package Details
Package DetailsPack of 6 Files
Expiry Date
Expiry Date01-01-2018

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