Chromatic Jeltrate

  • Product Highlights
    • Nice minty
    • Excellent compatibility with dental plaster
    • Dust-Free
    • Low syneresis
  • Brand: Dentsply
This product has a minimum quantity of 5

Jeltrate is the number one brand of alginate impression material which has been on the market for decades.

High Alginate Dustless Impression Material. The high algin content of Jeltrate, Jeltrate Dustless and Jeltrate Plus provides for a quality impression without the excessive flow you will find in alginate materials with lower algin contents. By eliminating excessive flow, Jeltrate, Jeltrate Dustless and Jeltrate Plus allow your patients a level of comfort that cannot be found in other alginate impression materials.

Product Highlights
1.Nice minty
2.Excellent compatibility with dental plaster
4.Low syneresis

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