Fit checker II

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FIT CHECKER are odorless, tasteless silicone material that form a tough, microthin film to allow detection of high spots and pressure points and the accuracy of fit of crowns and bridges.

Features and Benefits
Condensation silicone composition

Not affected by saliva.

  • Variable setting rate
    Simplifies multiplicity of use, e.g., single crown vs. full denture.
  • White in color
    Easy to judge the degree (thickness) of fit discrepancy by the shade (darkness) of "show   through."
  • Black in color
    Reproduces details exactly, has optimized color for ceramic restorations, fluidity, and   consistency.
  • Wide variety of economical applications.
    Can be used to gauge the spatial relationship between crown and ornix crown and adjacent teeth, pontic and alveolar mucosa or occlusion with opposing dentition
  • THixotopic Consistency
    Helps in easy application, good fluidity helps exact reproduction of details, giving a minimal film thickness and very tear resistant


Comfortable working time of 2′00″
Fast setting in only 1′00″

AvailabilityCurrently Not Available for Sale

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