Aroma Fine plus

  • Product Highlights
    • Ultra Fine Alginate Particles
    • Refreshing spearmint smell
    • Moderate thixotropic property
    • Snap set properties
  • Brand: GC
  • Expiry Date
    • Oct 2018 or more
This product has a minimum quantity of 3

Aroma fine is an outstanding name in the field of alginate impression materials. Its enhanced water powder affinity and improved mixing quality without bubbles or inconsistencies have resulted in an ideal alginate material with which anyone can achieve excellent results with ease.
Its moderate thixotropic property, halps in providing a balance of both good drip resistance and good fluidity. This gives patients no discomfort and helps the dentist carry out his work smoothly.

Features and Benefits

Ultra Fine Alginate Particles with enhanced powder water affinity and improved mixing properties.
Flows under light pressure giving a smooth, homogeneous result
Increased patient acceptance as Aroma Fine is tasteless hence
it will not stimulate salivary flow.
Has a refreshing spearmint smell
Moderate thixotropic property with good drip resistance. This property ensures less gagging reaction from the patient
Snap set properties
Decreased working time which decreases holding time in the mouth.

Directions for Use

Measure the recommended Powder Liquid ratio
Mix for 20 seconds. Because of enhanced powder water infinity and ultra fine alginate particle size, a homogeneous mix can be obtained within 20 seconds.
Insert the tray containing the mixed Aroma Fine and hold in place


Gellation Time from Start of mix

Holding tme in Mouth

Normal Set



Fast Set



Rinse and Disinfect. Eliminate excess water. For best results, pour case immediately after rinsing

Setting times

Available in Normal and Fast Set
R egular Set (pink) 120 sec.
Fast Set (green) 90 sec.


Aroma Fine 40 x 500g Normal Set 0101F914-0000
Aroma Fine 40 x 500g Fast Set 0101F915-0000

Product Highlights
1.Ultra Fine Alginate Particles
2.Refreshing spearmint smell
3.Moderate thixotropic property
4.Snap set properties
Expiry Date
Expiry DateOct 2018 or more

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