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Making Impressions Quick and Easy...

Plastalgin is a highly versatile alginate impression material that is simple to use, easy to handle,available in 2 formulations to deliver the perfect balance of working and setting times. Whether you choose Plastalgin Normal Set (Apple flavored) or Plastalgin Ortho-Quick Set (Apricot flavored), both products are naturally hydrophilic and deliver precise impressions with an excellent reproduction of marginal details.

Making impressions safe and dust-free....

Plastalgin's dust-free formulation is specifically designed to reduce the amount of airborne particles dispersed to exposed individuals. And because it is dust-free, cleanup is faster and easier with an overall environment that is healthier for you and your patients.

Dental professionals rely on Plastalgin for:
  • Case study models
  • Orthodontic models
  • Fabrication of casts for partial denture frameworks, removable orthodontic or occlusal splint appliances
  • Mouthguards
  • Provisional restorations
  • Bleaching trays

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