GC Tooth Mousse Plus


GC Tooth Mousse Plus

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Why use GC Tooth Mousse Plus?

Because GC Tooth Mousse Plus:
+  Delivers all the minerals required to build 
fluoroapatite – calcium, phosphate and fluoride
+ Remineralises through the body of a lesion 
making enamel stronger and more acid resistant
+ Is a superior delivery system for topically 
applied fluoride
+ Neutralises acid from plaque, from internal 
acid sources (e.g. reflux) and from external 
acid sources (e.g. acidic beverages) 
+  Provides fast relief from cervical and 
post-bleaching sensitivity
+  Is easy to apply and great tasting!

Use GC Tooth Mousse Plus for:

+ Patients with active caries
+ Patients with poor plaque control
+ Patients with erosion and gastric reflux
+ Xerostomic patients
+ Patients with an acidic oral environment
+ Medically compromised patients
+ Desensitising
+ White spot lesions
+ Pregnant mothers
+ Orthodontic treatment (during and after)
+ High caries risk patients
+ Extra protection for teeth

GC Tooth Mousse Plus Price in India

  • Maximum Retail Price : Rs.1400

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