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Cavitron Plus

Cavitron Plus

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The Cavitron Plus and Cavitron Jet Plus Ultrasonic Scaling Systems

When you choose Cavitron products, you're investing in clinical efficacy, ergonomics, ease of use, patient comfort, and long-term reliability. Designed to deliver the best dental hygiene care, the Cavitron Plus ultrasonic scaler and Cavitron Jet Plus are the latest addition to a complete portfolio of quality products.

The Cavitron Plus ultrasonic scaler and Cavitron Jet Plus combination ultrasonic scaler and air polishing unit continue to raise the professional standard. The next generation of intelligent ultrasonic scalers, Cavitron Plus combines advanced features of 360 wireless footswitch, illuminated Diagnostic Display, Rinse setting, and automated Purge with our proven SPS Technology to provide the ultimate in ultrasonic scaling. And, add the benefit of superior air polishing with the Cavitron Jet Plus combination unit.

The choice is simple. If you want the best, you want Cavitron products. And if you care about your patients - and your practice - choose the best.

Traditional Cavitron features and benefits:
Dynamic Auto-Tune  Technology
  • Core feature on all 30kHz Cavitron units.
  • Exclusive system uses a feedback coil in the Steri-mate handpiece to monitor the inserts harmonic frequency.
  • Automatically drives the insert at its natural harmonic frequency - the point of maximum tip stroke.
Extended SPS Technology
  • Patented Sustained Performance System Technology
  • Automatically adjusts system power to maintain tip stroke compensating for clinical load and conditions.
  • "Cruise control" with finer control of power to deliver perfectly tuned performance every time.
  • Delivers consistent tip stroke while enabling quick insert changes to maximize instrument adaptability.


Innovative and improved features and benefits:
360˚ Wireless Foot Control with Boost Mode
  • Engineered from the ground up, designed with the needs of the hygienists and practioners in mind.
  • Unique cone-shaped foot control that can be activated from any side (360 activation).
  • Boost power up to 25% (on low end) with a simple downward stroke of the foot control.
  • Safer - Never trip on unit's cord.
Diagnostic Display
  • Lets you know at a glance that the Cavitron is ready for use.
  • Service light alerts clinician of any setup problem or internal system error.
Rinse Mode
  • Cut cavitation power with a twist of the blue power level control to flush periodontic pockets and wash away debris.
Purge Mode
  • System automatically flushes the lavage for two minutes.
  • Assists in the preparation for next patient with the push of a button.
  • Significantly reduces prep time and ensures fresh lavage for each patient you treat.
Expanded Blue Zone
  • Allows the user to easily identify the power level most comfortable for sub-gingival scaling.


Innovative features and benefits specific to Cavitron JET Plus:

In addition to the features above, we've added several new features to the JET Plus which make it a even h6er value

330˚ Swivel at the Cable/Handpiece Attachment
  • We now offer the same swivel feature in our combination unit that makes our ultrasonic scaler so easy to use!
  • Entire handpiece pivots freely for improved ergonomics, without the expense of rotatable inserts.
  • Easily reach distal surfaces, furcations of the maxillary molars, and other difficult areas by manipulating the handpiece directly, instead of the insert.
Lavage control on Jet-Mate Handpiece
  • Fingertip control of the lavage to create proper balance of lavage flow and patient comfort.


Jet-Mate Autoclavable Handpiece


  • Breakthrough in engineering!
  • Provides the highest assurance against cross-contamination by autoclaving your handpieces.


Cavitron BOBCAT Pro

The Cavitron BOBCAT Pro, 25kHz ultrasonic scaler, provides quality and performance along with a contemporary look. Equipped with a modern enclosure, versatile vertical or horizontal orientation, universal control graphics, and a user-friendly weighted foot pedal, the BOBCAT Pro proves an economical choice in ultrasonic scaling. BOBCAT Pro is compatible with Cavitron DualSelect medicament delivery system.


Availability Currently Not Available for Sale

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