VPS Tray Adhesive

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    • 1 - VPS Tray Adhesive, 17ml
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Product Description

VPS Tray Adhesive,manufactured by 3M ESPE,affords firm adhesion between impression trays and polyvinyl siloxane impression materials for addition poly- merization (not suitable for use with polyether impression materials). These instructions for use should not be discarded for the duration of product use.

Areas of Application

All metal trays and custom methacrylate trays.


With the brush apply a thin layer of adhesive to the tray.Allow to dry completely (at least 5min),and check for dryness with a finger.Longer drying times (ideally 15min) provide for stronger adhesion.

Package Details
Package Details 1 - VPS Tray Adhesive, 17ml

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