• Product Highlights
    • Patented GIOMER technology
    • Fluoride release and recharge
    • Flowable gum colored composite
    • Covers gingival defects
  • Brand: Shofu
  • Package Details
    • 2 GM syringe
  • Expiry Date
    • Oct 2018 or more
Rs.1,561 Rs.1,600

Fluoride releasing, light-cure flowable restorative, to mask the effect of gingival recession due to carious and non-carious defects

  • Class V lesions (cervical caries, cervical erosion, tooth brush abrasion)
  • Direct restorative for wedge-shaped defects and root surface cavities
  • Repair of exposed gingival margin in crowns and composite or ceramic veneer
  • Correction of red/white aesthetics

Product features & benefits
  • Exhibits light pink color of the gingival tissue
  • Demonstrate greater color stability and resistance to wear
  • Anti plaque effect
  • Radiopaque


Box of 2 gm syringe & needle tips x 5

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Product Highlights
1. Patented GIOMER technology
2. Fluoride release and recharge
3. Flowable gum colored composite
4. Covers gingival defects
Package Details
Package Details 2 GM syringe
Expiry Date
Expiry Date Oct 2018 or more

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