AH Plus - Root Canal Sealing Material

  • Product Highlights
    • Durable, safe seal
    • Easy to remove
    • Silver free
    • No discoloring of teeth
  • Brand: Dentsply
  • Reward Points: 50
  • Package Details
    • 1 (4 ml) tube A and 1 (4 ml) tube B
  • Expiry Date
    • Oct 2018 or more
Rs.3,595 Rs.4,050
Price in reward points: 100
AH Plus® Root Canal Sealing Material

A two-component paste/paste root canal sealer based on epoxy-amine resin, offering the following features:
Long term sealing properties
Outstanding dimensional stability
Self-adhesive properties

Overview :

To be used with hot or cold technique. AH Plus® achieves a tight seal due to its self-adhesive properties and dimensional stability. It is biocompatible and exhibits moderate anti-microbial properties and therefore has the potential to significantly reduce the germ load in the canal. It is extremely radio-opaque so it is clearly visible on radiographs. AH Plus ® is a good sealer choice for use with ProTaper Thermafil® obturators as the setting reaction is not adversely affected by thermoplastic obturation.

Packeg Contains :

AH Plus® Standard Package - Non EU
1 Tube of paste A, 4 ml
1 Tube of paste B, 4 ml

Product Highlights
1. Durable, safe seal
2. Easy to remove
3. Silver free
4. No discoloring of teeth
Package Details
Package Details 1 (4 ml) tube A and 1 (4 ml) tube B
Expiry Date
Expiry Date Oct 2018 or more

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