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One of the supreme advantages of the glass-ionomer cement is its ability to establish a true, permanent bond to hydroxyapatite even under the moist conditions of cavities close to the gingival margin. ChemFil Superior is at the forefront of glass-ionomer technology and links outstanding adhesion to superior handling characteristics and pleasing aesthetics. It combines a smooth and non-sticky consistency for easy application with a high powder loading for extra mechanical strength.

ChemFil Superior offers both sufficient working time and most rapid set possible. It is the ideal restorative material for:

  • Cavities with margins mainly in dentine
  • Cavities close to the gingival margin, where moisture control is not possible
  • Cases where cavity preparation and/or the acid etch technique are not accepted

ChemFil Superior is available in a hand-mixed format and combines fast setting characteristics with a smooth, non-sticky consistency that is quite unique for a glass-ionomer.


Working time (min/sec) – 1'30" min; Setting time (min/sec) – 2'10" min; Solubility 0 0.1% Adhesion to dentine – 5 MPa; Adhesion to enamel – 10 MPa; Compressive strength

  • after 24 hours > 200 MPa
  • after 1 week > 250 MPa
Flexural strength
  • after 24 hours > 25 MPa
  • after 1 week > 45 MPa
  • Chemical bond to tooth substance
  • Hydrophilic nature
  • High transparency plus comprehensive shade range
  • Snap-set
  • Withstands erosion/abrasion
  • Flouride containing glass
  • Biocompatibility
  • More than 10 years clinical success
  • No acid etching - no extra bonding agent, minimum cavity preparation, perfect seal
  • Bonds to tooth substance even under moist conditions of the mouth
  • Natural looking aesthetic restorations
  • Consistency unchanged during placement period with sharp final set
  • Extended durability of the restoration
  • Uptake of flouride in surrounding hydroxyapatite with continuous flouride ion exchange
  • Extra pulp protection only required in very deep cavities
  • Proven reliability
Availability Currently Not Available for Sale

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