Gold Label 2

  • Product Highlights
    • Chemical bond to tooth structure
    • Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion
    • High fluoride release
    • Strontium based
    • Good radiopacity
  • Brand: GC
  • Package Details
    • (15g Powder, 8ml Liquid)
Rs.1,990 Rs.2,299

GC Gold Label 2 is a self-cured glass ionomer restorative with high resistance to water and can be finished in just 16 minutes (under water spray). Its high surface hardness provides for a durable restoration.

  • Class III and V restorations
  • Erosion cavities
  • Base / Core build-ups

Features and Benefits
Presenting all the benefits of a glass ionomer

Chemically bonds to tooth structure allowing minimal cavity preparation
Has a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion maintaining the marginal seal
Releases significant levels of fluoride

Additional benefits of being strontium based

Easier mixing, better handling
Promotes internal remineralisation
Promotes a surface strengthening effect

Reduced moisture sensitivity, so final finish may be completed under water in 20 minutes from start of mix.
Good radiopacity and easy post-operative diagnosis
Excellent handling characteristics
Easier mixing and sharper setting makes it so easy to use
Matches natural tooth colour


Available in powder-liquid or premeasured capsules:

  • Gold Label 2 1-1 Pack (16g Powder, 8ml Liquid)
  • Fuji II Capsule (Box of 60)

Range of 4 shades:

#21 (Pale Yellow), #22 (Yellow Brown), #23 (Dark Gray), #26 (Deep Brown)

Product Highlights
1. Chemical bond to tooth structure
2. Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion
3. High fluoride release
4. Strontium based
5. Good radiopacity
Package Details
Package Details (15g Powder, 8ml Liquid)

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