Ketac Cem Easy Mix Glass Ionomer Cement

  • Product Highlights
    • Good pulpal acceptance.
    • Low sensitivity to moisture
    • High fluoride release.
    • Excellent bond strength.
  • Brand: 3M ESPE
  • Package Details
    • Powder 30gm, Liquid 12ml, Dropper, 1 Mixing Pad,
    • Measuring Spoon
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Ketac Cem Easy Mix Glass Ionomer Cement

  • Features and Benefits
o    Great Reliability


1) High fluoride release.
2) Excellent bond strength.
3) Proven 20 years clinical experience with Ketac Cem Radiopaque.
4) Good
pulpal acceptance.
5) High durability.
6) Low sensitivity to moisture.
7) Indicated for cementing:

a) Crowns and Bridges
b) Inlays and Onlays
c) Posts and Screws
d) Orthodontic Bands

  • Properties
o    Easy to Mix


The Wettability of Ketac Cem powder and its ability to absorb liquid were significantly better than the tested competitor material.

AADR 2001, Abstract 1303, Dentmasters


o    Erosion/Solubility Test


Source: 3M ESPE internal data, PSECD, date: 30.11.2001
ISO 9917-1: Erosion/Solubility Test

Cements with polyacrylic acid in the form of a powder show a trend to have lower solubilities.

Outstanding Fit


Film thickness according to ISO 9917*
J. Powers, Industrial Report, Film Thickness of Cements, 2000

*The bond was subjected to pressure stress 20-30 sec. after end of mixing time.

Lower film thickness ensures ease of seating while minimising the potential for occlusal adjustments.

  • Ordering Information

56900 Ketac Cem "Easy Mix" Introductory Pack:

1 x Powder 30gm
1 x Liquid 12ml
1 x Dropper
1 x Mixing Pad
1 x Spoon


Product Highlights
1.Good pulpal acceptance.
2.Low sensitivity to moisture
3.High fluoride release.
4.Excellent bond strength.
Package Details
Package DetailsPowder 30gm, Liquid 12ml, Dropper, 1 Mixing Pad,
Measuring Spoon

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