Z250 XT 7 Syringe kit

  • Product Highlights
    • Nano Hybrid Composites
    • Excellent compressive strenght
    • Good Tensile strength
    • Excellent wear resistance
  • Brand: 3M ESPE
Rs.4,800 Rs.6,037
Z250 XT 7 syringe kit :-

Nano Hybrid Composite

   3M ESPE Filtek Z250 XT Universal Restorative is the solution for your everyday restorative needs.

Formulated for strong, reliable performance.

   With Filtek Z250 XT restorative, you can satisfy patient expectations for a natural-looking, high quality restoration. Nanohybrid formulation resulted in high flexural strength, diametral tensile strength, wear resistance and improved polish retention. When you place Filtek Z250 XT restorative, you can trust in a reliable outcome.

Easy to use in all classes of direct restorations.

   Our nanohybrid is designed to be easy to use, whether creating anterior or posterior restorations. With 12 popular shades that match the Vita Classical Shade Guide, you’ll find it easy to match the patient’s natural teeth. Filtek Z250 XT restorative is formulated for strong performance and is easy to polish – so you can count on predictable, reliable, patient-pleasing results in any indication.

Package Contains :- Sealed, Never opened 6x Filtek Z250 XT refill syringes - 3 GMs (Shades 1x A1, 2x A2, 2x A3, 1x A3.5 and 1x Opaque A2).

Available in 7 popular shades
Match with the Filtek Z350 Universal Restorative.

Excellent compressive and tensile strength and excellent wear resistanc
Make it ideal for a variety of indications,including as a base/liner, pit & fissuresealant, and Class III and V restorations.

Product Highlights
1. Nano Hybrid Composites
2. Excellent compressive strenght
3. Good Tensile strength
4. Excellent wear resistance

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